Ally loves to skate. When I was her age, I loved to skate, too. Of course, the skates I used throughout my childhood were vastly different than what she owns. I remember owning metal skates that had metal wheels and a KEY. I also remember owning spring tension skates, moving up to sneaker skates and felt LUCKY to have Roller Derby brand skates. It was an exciting time to get the Sear’s catalog. haha. I would earmark pages and pages and I’d always mark new skates.

Sometimes if I had enough money, I would buy pom poms at the rink and when I couldn’t afford new pom poms, I’d make them out of yarn. The rink sold interesting stuff. You could buy disco headbands (Thanks Olivia Newton John) and feather clips that we wore in our hair (those my age, know I’m using the G-rated description). Sometimes, you could get a combination of the disco headband that had feathers! My friends and I would often buy a lucky rabbit’s foot, too. But can you see why I turned out the way I did? Feather clip = OK, Rabbit’s foot keychain = OK, but Ouija Board = the devil.


Much like Ally, I was at the rink often and loved it. I was never a speedskater, but skating is one of my fondest memories from childhood. I love that Ally loves it, too.