Sometimes I buy Hi-C. Not very often, though. I buy the occasional package of  juice boxes or a small drink with a Happy Meal for the younger two kids. I’m not even sure it’s available in a plastic jug at the grocery store anymore. 

When I was a kid, I had it in the house a lot. It came in a can. You used a can opener to puncture the can which made a little triangular opening, so you could pour it. I remember spilling it as I poured it if the can was too full. They got rid of the can and started the juice boxes, so sadly my kids have never seen the cans.


Anyway back to Mcdonalds. So now they serve Hi-C here in Michigan (not sure about elsewhere). But when I was a kid, they had what was called Orange drink and I don’t think it was Hi-C.

Before Gatorade got so popular, at sports games (youth sports), you’d always see Mcdonald’s coolers that were filled with McDonald’s Orange drink. You’d also see either Mcdonald’s paper cups or Dixie cups lined up, too.




I cracked up watching the old Hi-C video. I think what is funny is seeing adults drinking it like punch. I can assure you, I never saw my mother drink Hi-C when I was a kid. And we usually drank out of either Tupperware tumblers or Jelly glasses and not a glass punch cup. I only feel a little old. *sigh*

I’ll share a follow-up post in the future on collectible glassware that food came in (such as peanut butter, cheese spread, etc). I have too much info on it to add to this. Sorry.



For those of you interested, if you miss Ecto cooler, here’s an Ecto Cooler recipe and another one on youtube below: