A lot of cereals are still around that I had as a kid. But there’s a ton that have been discontinued. I see new cereals introduced a lot, but we tend to stick with a few family favorites.

When I was a kid, my brother and I fought to get the prize that came in the cereal box. It got ugly sometimes.  My mom was pretty fair about buying two boxes of cereal, but there were times that the prize wasn’t in the cereal bag, but was between the bag and the box or directly on the box.  I remember records on the back of the box. We would sometimes tear the boxes open or apart to get the prize and then would get yelled at. Soon my mom was transferring the cereal into separate plastic containers.

Finding a box of cereal with a prize now is rare. A couple of years ago, I actually bought Trix specifically because it came with a prize inside. I wanted my kids to see it. Then I got suckered into buying two more boxes, so they all could have a color changing spoon. haha.  Sad fact that I bought super sugary cereal just for the prize.

Supposedly, prizes are so rare because they are considered a choking hazard or a health and safety issue.

There was a cereal that I know Ally would have loved.



One of my favorite cereal memories was combining Concentrate and Wheat Germ. I know it sounds weird and sort of hippy, but it was so good and it was a combination my grandparents would make for me. My mom would try to buy healthier cereals, but we would actually add sugar to cereal to anything that was too healthy. How pathetic is that? We would add sugar to cereals like plain cornflakes and rice crispies. My kids would never, ever even think to add sugar to even the most natural of cereals I buy. That’s a good thing!

What is your favorite cereal now or if you’re around my age, what was your favorite as a kid?


Ally, here’s a video just for you: