Growing up, every summer the ice cream truck would go through the neighborhood. I’m sure some parents hated it. My mom almost always let me get ice cream, but most of the time I had my own money from my allowance.

The truck played jingle calliope-type music that looped, so we could hear when it was coming down our street. We all called the ice cream truck driver Skippy. Creepy name. I know Skippy had to be just a general name for anyone that was working because there’s just no way one guy named Skippy was everywhere for that many years.  haha When we heard the music from the truck, kids on the street would just start screaming Skippy and start running outside.  It was usually after 6pm which was perfect timing for us because my family ate dinner at 5pm like clockwork.

It started out where you could go on the truck and pick your ice cream, but then that changed and you had to order from the window.  All the types of ice cream and popsicles were posted on the outside of the truck.

Rumors always went around that Skippy was a pedophile, too.  So it was sort of a scary experience as a kid after that gossip started. I do think there should be a law against sex offenders working on ice cream trucks in every state.

I mostly remember grabbing my change as fast as I could as I flew out the front door yelling Skippy. My neighborhood friends and I would decide what we wanted as we waited in line and then we would all compare what each of us bought. Some treats cost more than others, so it was always a good day when you could afford a more expensive treat.

My favorite treat to buy was Froze Toes, but I loved Orange Push Ups, too.

I know some boys started an ice cream truck here in Midland. I remember seeing the truck here on our street once years ago. I don’t think it drives in the neighborhoods anymore. I don’t think Ally has ever had ice cream off a truck other than maybe at the fair.

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