How to apply false eyelashes

How to Apply False Eyelashes

False eyelashes add the final touch to your party look-and it’s well worth your time to learn to apply them.

To Shape:

Fit false eyelashes over your own to determine proper length of strip. (Start strip at innermost lash, end at outer corner.) Using nail scissors, trim lashes in uneven lengths for a natural look.

To Apply:

Put on usual eye makeup, including mascara. Then put a thin line of adhesive along base of the false lashes. With eye open, start at the outer corner and place lash base as close to the natural roots as possible. Press in place. Brush lashes, add mascara.

To Remove:

Take hold of eyelash strip at outer edge and gently pull it away from lid. Carefully peel off adhesive. To clean, roll lashes over pencil and brush with warm water and mascara brush. To recurl, place lashes between folded paper and wrap them around a pencil. Secure them with a rubber band. Store them in their own box.