how to apply mascara

How To Apply Mascara

A fringe of thick, sweeping eyelashes will give your eyes marvelous allure. (Most glorious example: Garbo) Some of us are lucky enough to be born with them. Where nature has been less generous, mascara will effectively make up the deficit.

The Tools:

Mascara comes in four forms: cake, cream, roll on and brush on. Use cold water and brush to make paste for applying cake mascara. If brush gets overloaded, blot off the excess with tissue. Use dry brush with cream (from tube). Wands either roll on or brush on are applied directly from the applicator. Many of these last two contain lash lengtheners-fibers mixed with the mascara that cling to the lashes. If lashes stick together, separate them with a clean, dry brush.

The Technique:

For better adherence, powder lashes before applying mascara. Stroke downward from roots to ends and apply mascara to top side of upper lashes first. Begin at inner corner and work outward. Wait for mascara to dry, then apply to underneath side of upper lashes, stroking upward from roots to ends. Lashes should be evenly coated. For the effect of thicker lashes, allow lashes to dry and apply another coat to under side. If you have very straight eyelashes or if you wear glasses that tend to press against your lashes, use eyelash curler before applying mascara.

Special Effects:

Use a little mascara on sparse lower lashes to make them more visible (but not if you have deep set eyes). To keep mascara from smudging, hold a cotton tipped stuck under lashes as you apple. If your eyes are close-set, you can seemingly set them farther apart by applying mascara lightly to lower outer lashes, more heavily to outer corners of upper lashes. Round eyes need more mascara on outer half of both upper and lower lashes. Or wide-set eyes, apply evening to entire upper lashes and from center outward on lower lases.


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