When I was Ally’s age, my friends and I would walk to 7-11 a lot. Sometimes we’d get a slurpee, but usually we’d buy candy. The distance from my house to 7-11 was a bit closer than it is now for my kids. My friends and I rarely rode our bikes because it was so close. I mostly remember walking home with a small brown paper bag of candy and usually talking about the other kids we just saw at 7-11. Not in a bad way, just the latest news. Sometimes we would just plan what we were going to do next.

Sometimes it was organizing a kickball or softball team on the fly or just catching frogs in my backyard because we had a creek in the back or going to the school to play tennis (hit tennis balls against the school). So many times, we’d lose a tennis ball on the roof of the school. Sometimes my friend would try to climb and get them. I was always too afraid of getting in trouble, so I’d be the lookout. haha.

Soooo, back to the candy…It was a whole lot cheaper than it is now, too.  A dollar could buy a lot. I would buy candies like atomic fire balls, sixlets, smarties (I liked stacking them more than eating them), lemon heads, bbbats, jujubes, jelly nougats, zotz, etc. etc.  Some of these are still around and some I wish they’d bring back.

Sometimes I would splurge and go for the more expensive candy. One of my favorites was Now and Laters.

Ally doesn’t really eat a lot of candy (excluding gum) except for during holidays. That’s a good thing.

What’s your favorite candy? Those my age, what candy did you love?