Jar Opening Tips:

  • Use a wide rubber band or vacuum belt around the lid to grip.
  • Run the seal under hot water and then open.
  • Use the non-slip rubber shelf liner you can buy at the dollar store in rolls. Cut to small sizes and store them in a drawer to open jars.
  • Use a mouse pad to grip the lid.
  • Tear off about a foot of duct tape and partially wrap it on top of and around the lid, folding the duct tape down to create a tab attached to the lid, with a trailing piece of tape. Fold the trailing tape over to reinforce it and pull!

(Tips continued below)

  • Turn the jar upside down and whack the bottom with the palm of my hand and if that doesn’t work, tap around the edge with the handle of a butter knife.
  • Lightly moisten a dishcloth or towel and use that to grab hold of the lid and then twist.
  • Use rubber cleaning gloves to open jars.
  • Wedge the tip of the spoon or the bottle cap opener on your can opener on the underside of the lid in between the jar and   the lid. Wiggle it back and forth and go around the whole lid to try to break the seal.
  • Use a strap wrench.