I liked puzzles and puzzle toys as a kid. I was happy when toys like Rubik’s cube, Rubik’s Snake, Rubik’s Barrel, Pyramid Puzzle and Missing Link came out. It seemed like everyone had them, but not everyone could solve the Rubik’s Cube. I remember kids that would take the Rubik’s cube apart and put it back together solved. Some kids would peel off the stickers and re-arrange them to solve it, too. Seemed so silly.  I was too afraid to remove the stickers. Not just because it was cheating, but because my parents paid for it and I was afraid I’d somehow ruin it because there’s no way those stickers could be put back on perfectly. Although, I remember hearing you could actually buy replacement stickers. I played with mine a lot on the road trips from my house to my grandparent’s house.

There were a ton of spin-off toys after these came out, but the ones I mentioned are the main toys I remember having. They even came out with little mini keychain versions.

When I finally solved my cube, I didn’t want to move it because I was afraid I’d never solve it again. I can’t tell you how many times I would have it almost solved and then all mixed up again.

I think it’s funny how many people mention their times for solving the cube. I was just happy whenever I could solve mine and wasn’t obsessed with a solution pattern or speed. I just never took it seriously. It was just a boredom buster for me. It is a little weird to me that there are still speed solving competitions. But good for them if they are having fun.

I mostly remember that it was a very big deal when Rubik’s cube hit mass popularity. I felt like people that solved it quickly were recognized like Charlie Bucket  when he found the golden ticket. haha

I really liked the metal brain-teaser puzzle toys and the wood and peg toys, too.  But I always would misplace a peg and then I’d substitute a golf tee. haha.

I know Ally knows what Rubik’s cube is and I know she’s seen some metal puzzle toys and some peg toys, but I don’t think she’s seen any of the others. I think they would make fun Christmas stocking stuffers. (err, or maybe not haha)

Here’s my effort in making the cube more appealing to Ally. haha

I thought these purses were cute:

purse (misspool.com)






How about sneakers?















OK OK, you get the point. haha


So of course now, the internet has tons of videos and tutorials on how to solve these puzzles. I remember a kid wrote a book on how to solve the cube and it became a bestseller. But where’s the fun in cheating? Of course, now with video games, there are cheats and walk-through videos everywhere, so apparently cheating is part of the fun.

I like the video because it’s recent and a fun idea to unite people from around the world.