This letter is from Yvonne from Washington. It’s in regards to a column I wrote about preventing soggy sandwiches.

Yvonne says: Dear Sara, Dec. 8th you talked about soggy sandwiches. I take 2 pieces of frozen bread and put peanut butter and jelly on it. Put the bread together and cut it in half. Wrap the bread in foil and put back in the freezer. When ready to go take sandwich out of freezer and put in sack. By lunch it is thawed fresh and good. If you make it on soft bread and then freeze it, it will be soggy.

Sandwiches often get soggy when packing them for lunch. You can add condiments between your meat and cheese instead of it spread onto your bread, or use whole grain bread, pita, tortillas or crustier breads or rolls instead of white sandwich bread. Small mason jars (wide mouth half-pint) or plastic containers hold enough condiments (or egg salad, tuna or chicken salad) for your sandwich and they’re reusable. Many stores now carry the little plastic sides containers (portion cups with lids) like restaurants use, too. Or simply wrap the sandwich parts separately and quickly assemble during lunch. You can use the reusable Rubbermaid Take A Longs food containers and separate the sandwich layers with cling wrap, too. 

1962 Woman's Day ad for Handi Wrap

1962 Woman’s Day ad for Handi Wrap


I’ve had 2000 feet box of cling wrap in my kitchen for years.