I started wearing makeup in 7th grade. I was lucky because my mom sold Mary Kay and Avon, so she took time to show me how to apply makeup and to take care of my skin. Magic mask, anyone? haha. I loved the little makeup mirrors, too.

I started with wearing just lip gloss and gradually worked up to a full face of makeup by 8th-9th grade. I remember some girls not being allowed to wear it, so they’d just put it on at school and wash it off by the time they got home. And let’s face it, in the 80’s that took a lot of work! I’m glad makeup styles have changed. In the 80’s, we really caked it on. Eye makeup was heavy with a lot of blues and purples. Heavy eyeliner usage took constant upkeep. Sometimes black applied on the inner lid, sometimes colored liners. So much blush usage. I remember it taking me forever contouring my cheeks. Foundation, pressed powder, 3 shades of blush, shimmer.  I’m sure colored mascaras will make a comeback if they haven’t already.

My mom was pretty flexible with me when it came to makeup and fashion. She was a younger mom and in her early 30’s when I was 12-14 years old. Plus because she sold cosmetics, I got a lot of gifts from her.  And when I wanted other brands, I had my allowance and babysitting money to use. It wasn’t uncommon for girls to start babysitting neighborhood kids by age 11.

I liked the color-changing lipstick, but mine always ended up pink or purple-ish. I’m surprised I didn’t die from an overdose of Maybelline Kissing Potion lip gloss or Lip Lickers balm. And my mom must have bought me every lip gloss by Avon ever made. I loved them all. I can still taste the Grape and Chocolate flavor from the Avon lip gloss crayons!

Perfume was a big deal. And I’m not sure how teachers could stand being stuck in a classroom with the sheer amount of perfume worn by the girls. I loved Liz Claiborne. But of course, I had a ton of Avon perfumes in the collectible decanters thanks to my mom. haha Some of the perfume by Avon came as pins and I had a ton of those, too. The Avon stuff is collectible now.

I can remember a couple of times my perfume bottle leaking or even breaking in my Jordache purse. ugh.

I don’t know if Ally will wear makeup as young as I did. She hasn’t asked if she can. I don’t really want to see her face with it on yet. I just think she’s beautiful without it. She’s worn makeup for dance recitals and for fun, but thankfully not to school. A lot of her friends wear it regularly, but I’m hoping she will wait a bit longer. And I used Sun-in and there’s no way I’d let Ally use it. haha.

I bought both my girls Loves Baby Soft. It doesn’t smell the same. And obviously CoverGirl and Maybelline are still going strong. I think my girls will be more into Mac cosmetics and I better prepare financially for that. haha

I was thinking about how Ally likes Garnier Fructis shampoo. When I was her age, I liked Agree, Flex, Clairol Harvest, Alberto Balsam and omg I had to have Apple Pectin. My mom bought Prell a lot, too.

What was your favorite shampoo and perfume?