This letter was unopened and was dated January 21, 2011. It was in response to a column I wrote about reusing greeting cards in creative ways.

This letter is from Hilda M. in Texas and she shares: 

In reading your article “Frugal Living” I would like to share with you what I do with cards-

It takes 4 to make a fan-Very seldom can’t you get two sides from one card. This is very simple and any age group can make these. –Hilda M., Texas

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The fan is actually two sides of a card glued together, so it can take 8 greeting cards if you’re using the covers which the fan pictured here uses. I’m showing both sides of the fan. Pinking shears cut the edges and a brad holds the fan together. Very cute idea. I tested it. It’s got the perfect amount heft to be effective. It’s sturdy and durable. My 8 year old is having fun with it. His words as he’s fanning himself: “It looks so beautiful.” That made me smile.


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Other ways to reuse greeting cards: Gift tags,  bookmarks, scrap-booking, shopping lists, mason jar toppers, cut the cover and use as a postcard or use as a recipe card.

House Ornament (Template: ornament.pdf)


How have you reused greeting cards?