Surprise! Soup Shakes! Soup Shakes

Don’t they look good?
They are! Want to try one?

Just take a can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup. Add a can of cold milk. Or 3/4 of a can, if you like shakes thick.
Now a bit of cinnamon. And shake it like a malt shale. Or whip it through your mixer.
Chill your Soup Shake-and have it for lunch. Or whip up a pitcher of Soup Shakes for a backyard picnic supper.
Cream of Celery Soup and milk-that’s a good one. So cool and frothy! With subtle flavors too good to miss. Cream of Chicken makes another we like-try it with milk and a garnish of cucumber or parsley.
You’ll be surprised too (and so pleasantly) with the wonderful flavor of a Cream of Mushroom Shake.
It’s the new way to drink your health for all soups are good for you. And soups made with milk are enriched with added proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Any Campbell’s Soup in the house Is there milk on ice? Do have a Soup Shake! Now!

Soups supply basic nutritional needs
Vitamins, Minerals and Liquids-for general well being
Proteins-for upkeep and growth
Carbohydrates-for energy
Once a day…every day…soup!