There have been many memorable TV weddings. Some of the best TV weddings happen after a long wait as the story builds up between your favorite fictional characters such as on the shows “Friends” and “The Office”.

What were some of your favorite TV weddings? I have tons I can remember off the top of my head.

Let’s look back at a few. Let me know if I left out any that you remember and enjoyed watching and I’ll update this post.


Brady Bunch: The very first episode and it was awesome. Who could forget the chaos and Tiger chasing Fluffy. haha.


Luke and Laura: Luke and Laura said their vows in front of more than 30 million viewers in 1981. I watched General Hospital after school and still remember their wedding clearly. Man, that song Think of Laura.


Joanie and Chachi: They got married in the final episode. I loved when Richie and Lori are late to the wedding and start down the aisle during the wedding march.Thankfully, the spinoff Joanie loves Chachi was created. Loved Happy Days and Joanie loves Chachi.


Becky and Jesse: It’s finally the big day and she has to bail Jesse out of jail after he goes skydiving and gets stuck in a tree. I loved watching Full House.

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Booth and Brennan: I love the show Bones and this was a highlight to the series for me. It only took 9 seasons!cut_thenanny

Fran and Max: I liked the Nanny and was so happy when this marriage finally happened.


Niles and Daphne: I loved this show and re-watch episodes often. This wedding only took what 9 seasons? haha