easter egg cake


Quick, like a bunny! Make this Easter egg cake

Here’s the way to make this Happy Easter surprise!
Quick, like a bunny – make this gay Easter Egg cake – with Baker’s Chocolate & Swans Down Yellow Cake Mix!
Bake Swan’s Down Yellow Cake Mix in two 8-inch layers, following directions on package. Make Easy Chocolate Frosting, using the recipe on the back of the blue and yellow package of Baker’s Unsweetened Chocolate.
1. Cut each cake layer in two, about 1/4-inch off-center. This will make two large and two smaller pieces.
2. Place these four pieces together with frosting between them, the smaller pieces on the outside. Stand them upright, cut sides down, on a cake plate.
3. Trim the outside pieces at the top outer edges to help round off sides of cake for egg shape.
4. Then trim off lower ends of outside pieces, slicing diagonally, to give cake an oval shape at base.
Cover the whole mound with remaining frosting, filling in to make an egg shape. Decorate with white and tinted frosting and jelly beans. Make a nest of green-tinted Baker’s Coconut around egg. To serve, cut across the egg, making four-layer slices of cake.