Music gives a soul to the universe,
Wings to the mind,
Flight to the imagination…
And life to everything.

I can’t say enough about Herter Music center. They have been wonderful to our family. Great prices (okay not that $4 little note pad), wonderful service and they’re so fantastically accommodating of our frenetic schedule. We’re able to fit 5 lessons into one day. They make music education and instruments (and all of your musical needs) accessible and affordable for so many families. We visit both their locations often. I’m forever grateful to their entire staff at both stores for their extensive knowledge and kindness. But I’m especially thankful to the teachers. Teaching is a special gift. I’m happy that the teachers are so terrific with our kids. That makes all the difference.

I cry over these moments. I see pieces of myself in each one of the kids. I ask myself all of the time, how did I get so lucky?

Gabe started taking guitar lessons, too. We bought Zachary a guitar for Christmas a few years ago. It’s been sitting around collecting dust because he was playing sax and cello and not guitar. Then Gabe was sitting in the car or in the music store while the kids had music lessons. It made sense for Gabe to do something rather than hangout during lessons. So now he takes lessons from Todd. If any free time ever opens up for me, I’ll take flute lessons again. But for now, I’m writing and trying to learn more with photography (and trying to find time to shower). All of my photos are straight out of camera. They’re only re-sized. I’m not cropping them or using any Photoshop actions. So you’ll see a lot of my photography mistakes. But you’ll get to see how I progress over time, too.
The photos of Gabe during guitar lessons were taken by Zachary.

I wanted to mention Jake’s website, too. Gabe helped get him setup with a domain, blog and hosting and Jake’s doing an incredible job with it.