We have a lot of karate photos (Gabe takes photos at most of the belt promotions even when our kids aren’t participating), but these are the most recent. These are of Miranda’s latest belt promotion and Matthew’s first day of karate.

Matthew was off to a rocky start with karate. He’s pretty tired by the time his class starts. Sometimes he’d twirl or hop around. Basically he was acting like he had ants in his pants, but he was overtired versus wound up which is how it probably appeared to anyone else. During sleeping bear, I thought he might fall asleep and not get back up.

We started to think that maybe we started him too young and that we could try again in a year. But after his first week, he’s doing much better, so he’s sticking with it. I asked him what he thought of it and he said he loves karate, so I’m glad we didn’t pull him out too soon. He got his white belt and his first stripe and he’s doing OK with it now.

Ally interns/mentors in his class (and others) and sometimes Miranda takes the same class. The karate schedule is very flexible. We practically live there (we’re there Monday through Friday and some Sundays) because the younger kids go at different times than the older kids and Ally helps out with the lower belt classes. Some days she’s there 4 classes in a row (and she’s there daily) and loves every minute of it. This will change when dance picks up again this fall, but for the summer, it’s been a wonderful way for her to get exercise, strengthen her form and help the lower belts.

Miranda loves karate, too. She is always smiling in class. She really has a lot of fun. It’s awesome to see her having such a great time with it all. She’s come so far since she started. It’s amazing to see her progress.

I know, I didn’t mention Zachary. I will next time when I have photos of him. 😉

Karate has been a wonderful experience for our family. I tell the kids that karate is for life. It is life. Their goal isn’t to become black belts. It’s to have strong minds and bodies, discipline, self-control and confidence, respect, integrity and to face their challenges head-on. We’re blessed to have Master Angel and his family help strengthen the same values we try to instill in our kids.

You can visit http://www.angelskarate.com. Gabe created the website and we help out any way that we can.

By the way, Gabe took these photos.