LOL The title about says it all when you have my 4 kids and try to head out to do Any-thing! It takes about two hours for us to get out the door to go anywhere. It doesn’t seem like it should take 2 hours, but you’ll have to trust me. It does. I have a saying that we can never leave the house before 3pm. And it doesn’t matter how many times you ask if anyone needs to use the bathroom before you leave. There’s rarely a time that we don’t pull out of the driveway and have to pull right back in for whatever reason. This is after we go through our checklist and ask everyone if we have everything before we close the door and pull out of the driveway. It’s like some sort of bad sitcom. Ask me how many times it starts to rain when we finally get out the door! Last week, we left and I was amazed that we remembered everything without having to go back. Then we got home and the front door was wide open. Lovely. Nope, it wasn’t the cleaning fairy (that I always dream about) that forgot to close it after doing dishes, laundry and mopping the floor. Sigh.

I grew up in a quiet, organized and disciplined home. We’re talking white glove clean. Right, mom? Our house isn’t anything like that. Nothing is quiet. It’s constant chatter, motion and activity. Chaos.

I need a whistle. It can be like military reveille. Or you know those old-fashioned country dinner bells? Yeah, one of those, too. Gong? Megaphone? Kazoo? HA!

Here’s some pics of the nature center. You’ll see quite a few nature center pics in the future, too. Try not to yawn. LOL Sometimes I take more scenic pics on the nature trails and other times I take mostly pics of the kids. I just take the camera and snap away. Sometimes, I take 10 pics. Other times, I take 800. Some candid and some posed.

Relax. I didn’t take 800 of the kids at the nature center. Or did I?