Washington Irving’s story The Adventure of the German Student, Tales for the Midnight Hour by J. B. Stamper (The Black Velvet Ribbon) and Alvin Schwartz’s story, The Green Ribbon from In a Dark, Dark Room all have similar stories about a girl with a ribbon worn around her neck.  The ribbons change story to story and parts of the story change a bit. I know there are more versions. It’s a classic scary story. I don’t remember which book/story I read (It’s possible it was even an audio version), but I do remember it had such strong imagery. I remember thinking about it whenever someone had a scarf or ribbon around their neck which was popular in the 70’s. I liked the story because for me it was about secrets and the girl’s past more than it was about her head held on with a ribbon. But of course, her head falling off is pretty gruesome and can’t be ignored. haha.

My oldest daughter loves horror stories and movies and all things that are scary in a fun way. Sometimes, I think the reason some kids don’t, is because this book was probably in the library and they read it when they were really young or the story was told to them during a campfire. haha. And now they avoid the entire genre. I’m kidding, but hey, anything is possible, right?

The story really stays with you. This is especially true if you read it under the age of about 8. I thought it would be fun to share right before Halloween.






Do you remember this story? Which version do you remember?

I do hope this story is included in the movie.

I love this as a Halloween costume idea.