I have a fairly large vintage/retro cookbook collection. I thought I’d share some recipes and history from time to time and as time allows, I’ll bake or cook something with Ally to test out the recipes and then I’ll update the post. It is a bit weird to me that I have so many cookbooks and have NEVER made anything from any of them.

Some of the recipes are pretty funny and others are quite formal. Many of the cookbooks in my collection were created by brands that are still around today such as Carnation, Knox, Pillsbury, Campbell’s, General Electric, etc. Some have pictures and others don’t.

For now, I’ll share a couple of pages from the Ford Times Cookbook. This cookbook is from 1979. I bought this one because it was hardcover and still had the jacket and was in good condition. It has the dealership sticker on the front and it was signed by Nancy Kennedy who was a food editor and fashion editor for Ford Times Magazine and The Continental Magazine.

This cookbook is not rare or worth much (right now) to collectors unless you have the complete collection, but I liked it because I live in Michigan and appreciate owning a little piece of history.  I was a syndicated food writer, too, so there’s that connection, as well. And I can see where the value of the cookbook can/will increase over time. Meaning, it’s worth collecting. haha. At the moment, the magazines are more collectible than the cookbooks.

These cookbooks were used for marketing purposes by Ford. You can read a bit of history in a recent article Car Culture: Cookbooks were a traditional recipe to sell cars

The Ford Times started out in 1908 and was more of a trade publication that promoted Ford products.  Then it became a magazine that focused on travel stories, recipes and beautiful artwork by Charley Harper 
The cookbooks were a spinoff from the magazine. 
Inside this cookbook, the recipes are organized by famous restaurants across the country.
I’ll go with a tame recipe. I selected Blueberry Muffins.  Look forward to making them soon.