I remember my Swatch watches. I loved them. They were lightweight, colorful and weren’t expensive. And the combinations I could create with just different Swatch guards and bands. And let’s not forget the Pop Swatch that you could attach to most anything.

They were trendy enough with everyone, but then celebrities and athletes were wearing them, too. I’m not sure I knew anyone that didn’t own at least two. They were just fun! It was a cool way to show your personality because there were so many different kinds and combinations to choose from. Some were plain and others were wild with bold colors, shapes and patterns. Heck, girls could even wear Swatch watches as a ponytail holder/accessory.

I even owned a Maxi Swatch wall clock. I can’t believe how much they’re worth on eBay now. Some are $400-500. The market was so flooded with them, I can’t believe more aren’t around to drive the price down. I loved mine so much that I bought my kids a knockoff version when they were little.

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I often see people mention Swatch Watches, but they don’t give any love to Swatch Alpina Shield Sunglasses. How can people leave that out? They were hot and are still hot now.
Randy Macho Man Savage wore them. Maybe you were a Ray Ban Wayfarer or Aviator type.

Do you remember Swatch Watches? How many did you own?


I keep thinking I remember a Swatch Watch RING. Not the scuba rings that you could interchange, but an actual ring. Am I imagining this? Because I can’t seem to find any trace of this, but why would I remember it? Maybe it was a knockoff brand.