This letter comes from Ken W. in Harrisburg, Illinois. It’s from June 2011. The envelope has a gold embossed return address label with a bear and bear paw print on it. This letter was folded diagonally and looked like a deconstructed paper airplane, and it’s written on the wrong side of the notebook paper. There’s the obvious penmanship to take into consideration with the sheer size and dashes between the words. I’m not a graphologist, but I don’t think I have to be. My favorite part being the word “this” separated by the red margin so nicely as to not obstruct my reading it clearly. It’s actually 3 pages long, but the last page has his full name and address and my name in enormous letters. I opted not to scan it.

Here it is:

Yes I have a question?

Question, Can you tell me how I can write to this celebrity and write to her and drop of [sic] my letters to her. Her name is Alyssa Milano. She is from the TV show that used to be on TV. The TV show was called Charmed.

I would like for you to help me (please) Sara.

I would also like for you to write back to me soon and let me know something soon alright Sara Noel

P.S. Thanks for helping me and let me know something soon. (OK)



mail1 001

letter2 001


What a happy mail day it was.


Could someone kindly help him out?  haha In a bizarro world, there’s a celebrity with a letter from someone looking for my contact details.

You’re Welcome Alyssa. May you never get mail from Ken in Harrisburg.