Whatever happened to…
A collection of things remembered because they were important to us.

Being blackboard monitor and clapping the erasers together to get the chalk on the kid you didn’t like.

Worrying about your glasses when you were going to kiss…or worrying about missing.

Adenoids..and what were they anyway?

When you were eating fish, you kept a piece of bread nearby in case you swallowed a bone.

The Grippe.

Being double-jointed.

Your mother telling you not to swallow gum because your insides would stick together.

Wearing a rabbit’s foot for luck and there was always a smart aleck who said “It wasn’t so lucky for the rabbit.”

Eating something without knowing how many calories it had or caring or even knowing what a calorie was.

Sticking maple-leaf pods on your nose to make pug noses.

Galoshes…and they were really ugly and never fit and they had big buckles on them, but once you got them on, you stepped in the slush or snow and it didn’t matter because you had your galoshes on and when you tried to take them off, your foot came out of your shoe.

Living at home until you got married.

People having dogs that weren’t poodles-and if they didn’t know what they had, it was a Spitz.

Horsehair crinolines that little girls wore, and the wider you could make your dress, the better it was.

T.L. T.S. T.S. on you.
No Backs
Step on a crack, break your back.
Takes one to know one.
Finders keepers, losers, weepers.
Whatever you say, it’s double.
I have permission
Two for flinching.
Ink-a-bink a bottle of ink.
I’ll get my big brother after you.
Here’s the church and here’s the steeple, open the door, here’s the people.
You can’t make me. It’s a free country.

Mailing painted turtles to people.

Being happy with a little box of raisins.

Making a muscle.

Keeping a diary with a lock and writting your innermost secrets.

Putting a penny in your loafers.

All the other things you remember now and then are gone and will never come back.