Make the most of your glasses

Make the Most of Your Glasses

Forget the old rules when choosing new frames for your glasses. Huge frames can be charming on a tiny face, round ones can make a round face look positively angelic.

Do experiment with all the interesting sizes and shapes available now, and do try frames in front of a full-length mirror to make sure they’re right for your figure and height, as well as your face.

Use lots of eye makeup, but extra careful applying it, since glasses tend to emphasize eyes and makeup mistakes. If you must wear glasses to apply makeup, get a variety of long-handled brushes and learn to manipulate them around your specs. (Most makeup goes on better with a brush anyway.)

Another idea: invest in one of the new prescription mirror/lenses. Concentrate on making the prettiest mouth possible when you plan to wear sun glasses. This means perfect outlining with lip brush, of course. Bright lip colors, by the way, look newer than pales, this year.

And glasses, sun or regular look smartest now with the bows (sides) worn over not under your hair.