Santa drinking some punch

Cardinal punch

Put in a vessel a half pound powdered sugar with one quart of cold water. Grate in the rind of a large lemon or of two small ones, squeezing in the juice of three good-sized ones or four if small, and with the spatula beat well together for five minutes.
Then pour in a half gill of red curacoa (curaçao) and half a gill of maraschino, half a pint of Jamaica rum. Place on a moderate stove to heat for five minutes. Stir constantly with spatula, being careful not to let it boil.
Remove from fire and strain into ice cream freezer, filling the freezer all around with broken ice mixed slightly with rock salt, then turn the handle, on the cover as briskly as possible for three minutes. Lift up the lid and with the wooden spoon, detach the punch from around the freezer, and the bottom as well. Re-cover it and turn the handle sharply for three minutes more, then uncover and detach the punch the same as before, being careful not to let the salt drop in. Put lid on and repeat three times more.
The punch by this this time should be quite firm, so have a cold dish to serve it in.