Ever catch yourself saying a movie quote and then realize your kids don’t get what the heck you’re referring to? Then you feel old and slowly walk away mumbling what you were talking about and no one cares? Yeah THAT. Sure, great! They know my references from Star Wars or Back to the Future. But I am the quote queen. I’ve got song lyrics, movie lines and VALLEY GIRL TALK. And no one in my house can relate.

Here’s 5 things that I’ve quoted that my peeps know, but my kids do not.

No Gnews is Good Gnews.



This isn’t a movie, but oh well I’m listing it anyway.

Oh OK, so my kids…They know who the muppets are and they pretty much hate them. I get it! But when I say No Gnews is Good Gnews and laugh my fool head off, it’s because it’s funny (to me)! I actually liked the Muppets and Gary Gnu rocked! Gary Gnu was a segment on the Great Space Coaster which was a TV show from 1981 through 1986. The series was co-created by Kermit Love (original Muppet designer and builder for Jim Henson) and Jim Martin (who later went on to work on a number of Henson-related projects including Sesame Street). And my kids would know this if they actually heard me trying to explain it to them, but noooo, they have ZERO interest in Muppets or old lady quoting old shows and movies. Basically, they prefer to just stare at me like mom is talking with G’s in the beginning of words again!

They’re Hee-eere.

I don’t say this quote with that voice because I’m crazy even though my kids all stare at me like I am. Poltergeist was released in 1982. Carol Anne says it in the movie in reference to knowing the poltergeists are there after she’s fixated on static coming from the TV after broadcast sign-off (omg my kids don’t even know what that is). Well, I guess my oldest son does know, but has never actually ever experienced it. Anyway, in the movie, sounds are transmitted through the TV and then a ghost comes out of the TV. Carol Anne’s family is asleep during all of this and they wake up after the ghost comes out of the TV and goes into the wall which causes the room to shake like an earthquake. When the family wakes up, Carol Anne says “They’re hee-eere”. And later on Carol Anne gets sucked through a portal and her voice is heard through the TV afterward. I don’t want to give anything else away about this movie because GUESS WHAT KIDS??? It was so good that there’s a re-make of the movie and it’s in theaters this summer (2015)! And now I’ll be hearing YOU quoting the movie!


I’ll Be back

Again, I don’t use my Arnold accent and say I’ll be back because I have multiple personalities. It’s from the movie The Terminator from 1984. You know this. I know this. Not knowing this, my kids are the weird ones! Not me, you hear me? Not me! The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is looking for Sarah Connor at the police station. He’s told he can take a seat and wait and he tells the officer, “I’ll be back” and yep, he does indeed come back. This is in my top 50 movie quotes of ALL time.  And I know A LOT of movie quotes, my friends. When you think everyone knows something, uh no…no they do not. I think all of my kids know Clint Eastwood’s “Go ahead. Make my Day” quote, yet they don’t know this one? Gaps in their childhood, I tell ya!


I gave her my heart. She gave me a pen.

This is from the movie Say Anything from 1989. I LOVED this movie and know several quotes from it and the soundtrack. I’ve seen this movie countless times and use this quote jokingly, but it was a sad part in the movie. My kids can guess what it means, but don’t know the movie, so they don’t understand the reference. Did I mention I loved this movie? I can be heard mumbling, omg, It was Cameron Crowe’s directorial debut, guys. Sigh. Like they care it’s Cameron Crowe, right?


Does Barry Manilow Know You Raid His Wardrobe?

Everyone my age knows The Breakfast Club from 1985. I can quote the entire movie. I think out of all the movies I’ve ever seen, this might be the one I’ve seen the most. I picked this particular quote from the movie because when I say it, not only do my kids not know it’s from the movie, but they also don’t know who Barry Manilow is either! They just know it’s not a positive compliment. And like the cheese from the Farmer in the Dell, I am standing ALL ALONE in my house because no one here gets it. The fact that my kids have not seen this movie makes me crazy. My oldest daughter says she watched it, but she didn’t really watch it! She saw parts and she rolls her eyes when I say she didn’t watch it. How can we be related? John Hughes. How can they not watch everything, anything John Hughes?


Have you ever made a movie reference that you forget your kids don’t know? What quote was it?