ivory soap paste




Have you ever made Ivory Soap Paste for house-cleaning?

There are many purposes for which it is unequaled, and it is the most economical and convenient way to use Ivory Soap for general cleaning and laundry work.

With Ivory Soap Paste, you can clean leather and other materials which should not be touched by soap suds. And it is much more effective than bar soap for such things as furniture, marble and porcelain bathroom fixtures, metal ware, woodwork, gilt frames and rugs.

The advantages of using the paste where the cake might answer the purpose are: The paste makes rich thick suds that cleanse thoroughly. It makes suds quickly, saving time. The suds can then be made with lukewarm as well as hot water where heat would injure the article to be cleaned. And the paste goes farther than bar soap.

Ivory Soap Paste

In fifteen minutes, with only a cake of Ivory Soap and water, you can make a better cleansing paste than you can buy.

Ivory Soap Paste will take spots from clothing; and will clean carpets, rugs, kid gloves, slippers, patent enamel, russet leather and canvas shoes, leather belts, painted wood-work and furniture. The special value of Ivory Soap in this form arises from the fact that it can be used with a damp sponge or cloth to cleanse many articles that cannot be washed because they will not stand the free application of water.

Directions for making: To one pint of boiling water, add one and one-half ounce (one-quarter of the small size cake) of Ivory Soap cut into shavings, boil five minutes after the soap is thoroughly dissolved. Remove from the fire and cool in convenient dishes (not tin). It will keep well in an air-tight glass jar.

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