how to line your eyelids

How to Line your Eyelids

Adding just a line along the edge of your eyelids not only helps define your eyes, but gives expression to your entire face. Eyelining other than for actresses, started as a fas in Paris in the early 1950s. The Doe Eye as it was called has been subtly refined and perfected until now eyelinfer has become an essentiaal part of every woman’s everyday eye-makeup routine.

The Tools

To achieve a natural effect, the eyeliner must be drawn meticulously and choosing the right tool is vital. Experiment to find the best one for you: an automatic pencil with its needle-sharp point; a wooden pencil with its point sliced to a chiseled slant; or a sable brush with liquid or cake liner. It’s easier to make a flowing line with a brush-especially for women who need to wear glasses when applying eye makeup or whose eyelids are not smooth. The color rule is to match eyeliner and mascara. However, taupe is a sage color, no matter what your mascara.

The Method

With head back, eyes half-closed, look into mirror. Powder eyelids and dust away excess. Hold pencil or brush close to tip with thumb abd first two fingers, resting little finger on cheekbone to steady your hand. If you use brush, paint with side, not the point. Begin line at inner corner of eye. Sweeo across lid close to lash roots. Tilt up slightly at end, no comet tail. Line should be fine-if thick and heavy. It loses its purpose. Mute final effect by smoothing finger down over line and re-powdering. Don’t expect to be expert at first-it takes practice to make perfect.

The Effect

The basic line, once down part can be varied to take care of different problems. For wide-eyed eyes, make line a bit wider at inner corner, then thin out as you apporach outside corner. For eyes too close together, start the line a third of the way from the inner corner of eye, ending with a light extenion. For evening, eyeliner can be exaggerated. Draw line a little thicker at outside corner. Or use a dramatic trick to make eyes appear even larger. Beneath lower lashes, draw a threadlike line with brown pencil, starting at center and going straight out to end of eye.

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