evaporated milk shakes

When They Play

A refreshing drink that provides wholesome, easily digested food-the sparkling taste that tempts and stimulates the appetite-all the vitamins, all the food propertoes that growth and health require-that is a combination children need in the long summer days of outdoor play.

Pet Milk Blended with Orange juice is all of that. The milk is always pure and fresh and clean. The orange juice adds vitalizing properties to the wholesome milk. The combination is better than milk alone-tastes better and is better- for everybody.

Evaporated Milk Shakes

Pet Milk Shakes

1/2 cup juice-orange, loganberry, grape (the bottled juices serve)
1/3 cup Pet Milk
1/3 cup water
Sugar to taste

Mix the fruit juice, sugar, Pet Milk and water. Add cracked ice. Shake. (A mason jar will serve.)

For ice cream:

Pet milk serves in place of cream-at less than half the cost. It gives to ice cream the finest texture and flavor. And because it is always whole milk- every drop uniformly rich in all the food elements of milk-it gives a food value to ice cream that nothing else will give.

For every use you have for cream and milk, Pet Milk will fill the need. It is rich enough to serve in place of cream. It can be diluted to suit any milk need. It costs less than ordinary milk

Do not confuse Pet Milk with milk preserved with sugar. In Pet Milk nothing is added to the pure milk.