change bread to cake

Change Bread to Cake

Here’s the magic recipe:

1. Cut slices of day-old bread 3/4 inch thick. Trim off crusts. Cut each slice into strips 3/4 inch wide by 2 inches long.

2. Spread these strips on all sides with Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk, covering bread well.

3. Roll strips in dry shredded coconut, broken very fine. Place in pan and brown delicately on all sises under low gas flame, or toast on a fork over coals.
Delicious little coconut cakes-made from bread! You don’t believe they taste like cake? They do!
Like Angel Food Cake-creamily frosted-topped with coconut.
Try them! You can make them in less than ten minutes. They cost next to nothing. This is the kind of recipe that comes along once ina blue moon!


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