1950s Eye Makeup Tips

1950s Eye Makeup Tips

3 quick tricks to eye beauty

1. With Maybelline soft Eyebrow Pencil, draw a narrow line across upper eyelids, at base of lashes, adding short up-stroke at outer corner. Soften line with fingertip.

2. Next, use short, light upward strokes of the Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil, to form beautiful, expressive brows. Taper lightly at outer end. Soften effect with fingertip.

3. Apply smooth Maybelline Mascara from base to tips of lashes, brushing upward. (Hold a few seconds to set “up swoop.”) For an extra touch of mysterious eye beauty, blend a bit of Maybelline Eye Shadow on upper lid.

The world’s smartest women depend on Maybelline soft eye make-up for heart-stirring beauty. Today, let Maybelline magic bring out the unsuspected loveliness of your eyes.

Here are some more Makeup Tips. Compare from the year 1954. I love vintage makeup styles.