old fashioned fudge 1916

Old fashioned fudge recipe from 1916

Better homemade candies

You know how good Carnation Milk is in coffee and cocoa and how excellent it is for cooking and baking.

Now try it for making fudge and candy. The result will please you and delight the young folks. The purity of Carnation Milk is assured because it is hermetically sealed and sterilized.

Let your own experience with it convince you that it adds flavor and is most convenient.

To reduce the richness of Carnation Milk simply add pure water.

Carnation Milk Fudge

Two cups sugar, 1/2 cake good chocolate (unsweetened); butter the size of an egg; two-thirds cup of Carnation Milk. Put all in saucepan and allow to boil until it forms a soft ball in cold water. When cooked, add a tablespoon of vanilla and stir until thick. Add chopped nuts if desired. Then pour into buttered pans and allow to cool. Cut in squares.