icings and fillings for layer cakes

40 Icings and Fillings for Layer Cakes

Almond Icing, No. 1

Three cups of sugar, pound of almonds, blanched and pounded to a paste; beat the whites of three eggs and stir in the sugar and almonds. Flavor with extract of almonds.

Almond Frosting, No. 2

Whites of three eggs beaten up with three cups of fine, white sugar. Blanch a pound of sweet almonds, pound them in a mortar with a little sugar until a fine paste, then add the whites of eggs, sugar and vanilla extract. Pound a few minutes to thoroughly mix. Cover the cake with a very thick coating of this, set in a cool oven to dry and afterward cover with a plain icing.

Soft Icing

Ten teaspoons of sugar to an egg and heat for 20 minutes. Flavor with extract of rose.

Boiled Frosting, No. 1

To pound of finest pulverized sugar add three wine glassfuls of clear water. Let it stand until it dissolves, then boil it until it is perfectly clear and threads from the spoon. Beat well the whites of four eggs. Pour the sugar into the dish with the eggs but do not mix them until the syrup is lukewarm; then heat all well together for half an hour. Season to taste with vanilla, rosewater or lemon juice. The first coating may be put on the cake as soon as it is well mixed. Rub the cake with a little flour before you apply the icing. While the first coat is drying continue to beat the remainder. You will not have to wait long if the cake is set in a warm place near the fire. This is said to be a most excellent recipe for icing.

Boiled Frosting, No. 2

Pint of granulated sugar with enough water to dissolve it. Let it boil until it threads from the spoon. Beat the whites of two eggs stiff and pour the boiling sugar into it, heating all the time.

Cream Frosting

Take the whites of two eggs, adding an equal measure of cold water: stir into this confectioners’ sugar until of the right consistency to spread. Flavor with half a teaspoon of extract of vanilla.

Chocolate Icing. No. 1

Put into a shallow pan four tablespoons of scraped chocolate and place it where it will melt gradually, but not scorch. When melted stir in three tablespoons of milk or cream and one of water. Mix all well together and add scant teaspoon of sugar; boil about five minutes, and while hot and when the cakes are nearly cold, spread some evenly over the surface of one of the cakes. Put a second one on top, alternating the mixture and cakes; then cover top and sides and set in a warm oven to harden.


Chocolate Icing, No. 2

Melt three ounces of chocolate in a little water, boil In two cups of sugar; stir the whites of three well beaten eggs. Flavor with extract of vanilla.

Boiled Chocolate Icing, No. 3

Cup of powdered sugar, quarter cake chocolate (shaved), two tablespoons boiling water, the white of egg. Cook a third of the sugar, the chocolate and the water together until smooth. Have the egg and the remainder of the sugar beaten together and pour into them the hot chocolate. Beat well and spread over cake at once.

Water Icing

Two cups of sugar, water enough to make a thick paste, a small pinch of cream of tartar; beat well. If not stiff, enough add more sugar. Flavor with half teaspoon of extract of rose.

Tutti Frutti Icing

Mix with boiled icing an ounce each of chopped citron, candied cherries, seedless raisins, candied pineapple and blanched almonds.

Frosting Without Egg

An excellent frosting may be made without eggs or gelatin, which will keep longer and cut more easily, causing no breakage or crumbling and withal is very economical. Take cup of granulated sugar, dampen it with a fourth of a cup of milk or five tablespoons; place it on the fire in a suitable dish and stir until it boils; then let it boil for five minutes without stirring. Remove it from the fire and set the dish in another of cold water; add flavoring. While it is cooling stir or beat it constantly and it will become a thick, creamy frosting.

Gelatin Frosting

Soak a teaspoon of gelatin in tablespoon of cold water half an hour, dissolving in two tablespoons of hot water. Add cup of powdered sugar and stir until smooth.

Golden Frosting

A very delicious and handsome frosting can be made by using the yolks of eggs instead of the whites. Proceed exactly as for ordinary frosting. It will harden just as nicely as that does. This is particularly good for orange cake, harmonizing with the color of the cake in a way to please those who love rich coloring.

Almond Filling

Two pounds of blanched almonds pounded fine, two eggs, cup of sugar, teaspoon of extract of vanilla. Spread between layers and frost with almond icing.

Orange Filling

Whites of two eggs, three cups of sugar, the grated rind and juice of an orange and half the juice of a lemon, two teaspoons of extract of orange. Spread between layers.

Coconut Filling

Grated coconut, whites of two eggs, cup of sugar; spread between layers and on top of cake.

Fig Filling

Take a pound of figs, chop fine and put into a stewpan on the stove. Pour over them a teacup of water and add half a cup of sugar. Cook all together until smooth and soft. When cold spread between layers of cake.

Fruit Filling

Four tablespoons of very finely chopped citron, four tablespoons of finely chopped seeded raisins, half a cup of blanched almonds chopped fine, also a quarter of a pound of finely chopped figs. Beat the whites of three eggs to a stiff froth, adding half of a cup of sugar; then mix thoroughly into this the whole of the chopped ingredients. Put it between the layers of cake when the cake is hot, so that it will cook the egg a little. This will be found delicious.

Apple Filling, No. 1

Peel and slice green tart apples, put them on the fire with sugar to suit; when tender remove, rub them through a sieve and add a small piece of butter. When cold, use to spread between the layers; cover the cake with plenty of sugar.

Apple Filling, No. 2

Coffee cup of sugar, an egg, three large apples grated, lemon grated, juice and outside of the rind; beat together and cook till quite thick. To be cooled before spreading between layers.

Pineapple Filling

Whites of three eggs, cup of powdered sugar, can of grated pineapple. Spread.

California Filling

Cup of sugar, quarter cup of water; boll until brittle; take from the stove and stir in the white of an egg well beaten, cup seeded raisins, chopped, and one of blanched almonds chopped. Spread between layers.

Cream Filling, No. 1

Pint of milk, two eggs, three tablespoons of sifted flour (or half cup of cornstarch) and cup of sugar. Put two-thirds of the milk on the stove to boil, stir the sugar, flour and eggs in what is left. When the milk bolls put into it the whole and cook it until it is as thick as custard. When cool add vanilla extract. This custard is nice with a cup of hickory nuts chopped fine and stirred into it.


Cream Filling, No. 2

Cup powdered sugar and fourth of a cup of hot water. Let them simmer; beat white of an egg and mix with the above. When cold add half a cup each of chopped raisins and chopped walnuts and a tablespoon of grated cocoanut.

Cream Filling, No. 3

Yolks of two eggs, cup of sugar, two tablespoons of cream, teaspoon of extract of vanilla. Spread.

Chocolate Filling, No. 1

Five tablespoons of grated chocolate with enough cream or milk to wet lt, cup of sugar, egg, teaspoon of vanilla flavoring. Stir over the fire until thoroughly mixed, having beaten the egg well before adding it. Then add the vanilla flavoring after it is removed from the fire.

Chocolate Filling, No. 2

Whites of three eggs beaten stiff, cup each of sugar and grated chocolate and teaspoon of vanilla. Mix smooth and put between layers and on top.

Nut Fillings

Whites of three eggs, three tablespoons of sugar, cup of chopped nutmeats, teaspoon of extract of lemon.

Ice Cream Filling

Three cups of sugar and one of water; boil to a thick, clear syrup or until it begins to be brittle. Pour this boiling hot over the well beaten whites of three eggs. Stir the mixture very briskly and pour the sugar in slowly. When all in, beat it until cool. Flavor with lemon or vanilla extract.

Peach Cream Filling

Cut peaches into thin slices or chop them and prepare cream by whipping and sweetening. Put a layer of peaches between the layers of cake and pour cream over each layer and over the top.

Banana Filling

Make an icing of the whites of two eggs and 1 1/2 cups of powdered sugar. Spread this on the layers and then cover thickly and entirely with bananas sliced thin or chopped fine. This cake may be flavored with vanilla. The top should be simply frosted.


Lemon Jelly Filling

Grate the yellow from the rind of two lemons and squeeze out the juice, two cups of sugar, the yolks and whites of two eggs beaten separately. Mix the sugar and yolks, then add the whites and then the lemons. Now pour on a cup of boiling water and stir into this two tablespoons of sifted flour rubbed smooth in half a cup of water. Then add a tablespoon of melted butter, cooking until it thickens. When cold, spread between the layers of cake. Oranges can be used in place of lemons.

Caramel Filling, No. 1

Half a pound each of brown sugar and chocolate, half cup milk, butter size of an egg, two teaspoons of extract of vanilla. Boil until thick enough to spread, then spread over the top and sides of cake as well as on the layers.

Caramel Filling, No. 2

Two cups of brown sugar, cup of sweet cream, two teaspoons of vanilla, butter the size of an egg. Boil until it sugars; spread over top and sides.

Strawberry Filling

With three pints of strawberries mix a cup of sugar and mash them a little. Spread the fruit between the layers of cake. The top layer of strawberries may be covered with a meringue made with the white of an egg and a tablespoon of powdered sugar.

Marshmallow Filling

Cup each of brown and white sugar and water, teaspoon vinegar. Boil together until it threads, then take from the stove and stir in the whites of two eggs beaten stiff and quarter pound of marshmallows beaten until thick.

Mocha Filling

Two cups of powdered sugar. half cup butter, two teaspoons vanilla, heaping tablespoon of dry cocoa, four tablespoons very strong coffee.

Walnut Filling

Cup each of grated walnuts and milk, sugar to taste and thicken with cornstarch. Remove from stove and add yolk of an egg.

Devil Filling

Two cups light brown sugar, half cup each of sweet cream or milk and butter. Cook until wavy and flavor with vanilla.