Crisco Doughnuts

Crisco Doughnuts Recipe

You’re probably wondering why I have so many dessert recipes and specifically so many doughnut recipes. Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of doughnuts. However, years ago and by years, I mean like 14 years at least, one of my very first questions on an online forum was asking how to make homemade doughnuts. No one in my family ever made them and I didn’t come across many recipes. So I guess now I feel it’s necessary to let some doughnut recipes out in the wild now that I have so many of them.

I love this ad. I mean if you’re going to be tempted to not only make doughnuts, but also use Crisco, the words Truly Digestible are a key selling point. haha. And then the ad mentions 9 out of 10 doctors saying that Crisco-fried foods are easy to digest. haha. “For goodness’ sake” indeed!

Mmmm! What sweet treats doughnuts can be…so delicately crusted, so fluffy-light! But dollars to doughnuts you don’t get that kind if you’re frying with ordinary fat that has odor and flavor of its own. Such fat tends to drown out delicate flavor…may even give food a greasy flavor.

But oh, what a delicious difference when you change to all-vegetable Crisco for frying! It’s so pure, so fresh. Crisco lets the delicate good flavor of foods come through while it brows them to perfection. See for yourself how different Crisco is. How white and creamy it looks! How sweet and fresh it smells! And how fresh it keeps without refrigeration!

Yes, Crisco lets you enjoy lighter, full-flavored fried foods and 9 out of 10 doctors say Crisco-fried foods are easy to digest. Why, Crisco itself is digestible. So for flavor’s sake, for goodness’ sake, start now to fry with Crisco!

Crisco Doughnuts

Fried just right in pure, sweet Crisco, these Crisco doughnuts are sure to be delicately sweet and light…and digestible as they are delicious.

2 eggs
1 cup sugar
1/3 cup melted Crisco
1 cup milk
4 cups sifted flour
4 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon nutmeg
Crisco for deep frying.

All Measurements Level: Combine beaten eggs, sugar and melted Crisco. Add milk. Mix flour with baking powder, salt and nutmeg. Combine the liquid and dry ingredients, stirring only until smooth. Roll dough to 1/2″ thickness on a floured board. Dough should be soft. Cut with floured doughnut cutter. Fry doughnuts in Crisco heated to 365 degrees F. (an inch cube of bread will brown in 60 seconds). Turn when brown and fry on both sides until golden brown (3-5 minutes). Remove and drain on paper toweling. If desired, sprinkle on confectioners or granulated sugar before serving.

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