plymouth 1949

Its distinctive styling goes far beyond just pleasing the eye. Here’s design that flows naturally from advanced engineering…to fit form to function…to offer you a great New Plymouth that, inside and out, is better in every way!

Beauty with Reason

That sweeping, new low silhouette is something to see. And this is beauty with a reason. It helps give you a great new car that’s easier to use in all ways. It’s easy to start-easy to stop-easy to drive-easy to put in the garage-easy to park-easy to service-easy to see out of-easy to get in and out of.

Beauty for Comfort

The beautiful new interior styling is even better than it looks. The famous chair-height seats are now even winder. There’s plenty of room for long legs and high hats. Windows lift and lower easier. Diagonally mounted rear shock absorbers resist side-sway. Famous Air Pillow Ride is smoother than ever!

Beauty for Convenience

There’s no starter button or pedal in the New Plymouth. You just turn the ignition key-and the engine starts!  The handsome new instrument panel has everything where you want it. Fenders flow into the body but they’re separate and detachable-and it doesn’t cost a fortune to repair them!

Beauty for Safety

The greatly increased glass area in the New Plymouth is nice to look at from the outside. But it’s there to look out of from the inside. Both windshield and read window are larger. The entire car is designed to give the driver a clear, undistorted view of the road in all directions;day and night-rain or shine!

For More Safety

New Body construction makes the New Plymouth a sturdier, safer car. Frame and body are 23% more rigid. The New Plymouth has a lower center of gravity. It hugs the road better. And this cr handles with such amazing ease that you can drive it for many hours and still feel fresh.

Beauty for Performance

Under the curving new low hood of the New Plymouth there’s a livelier, more powerful, more efficent engine. This is the result of a newly designed cylinder head, increased compression rtatio and a new intake manifold. New chrime compression rung gives even longer engine life.

Beauty for Value

To see how new car beauty helps make a better new car-see your Plymouth dealer now! You’ll find that this great Plymouth-more than any of the great Plymouths before it-is the low-priced car most like high-priced cars-the greatest dollar-for-dollar car value your money can buy!

*Special Deluxe 4-door Sedan with Longer 118″ wheelbase