Two homemade stain pre-treaters.

Pre-treater I

Wash out and reuse an old window-cleaner bottle or reuse a mustard squeeze bottle.

1 clean, empty bottle
1/8 of the bottle filled with lemon ammonia
1/8 of the bottle filled with regular liquid laundry detergent (make sure it does not have bleach)
cold water

Pour in ammonia first, then laundry detergent, then add cold water. Swirl until combined. Use this to saturate all garments with stains (except delicates) Saturate stains, let set for a while, and then launder as usual.

Pre-treater II

2/3 cup Dawn dishwashing liquid
2/3 cup ammonia
1/3 cup Arm and Hammer Washing Soda
Water to fill 1 quart bottle/container (about 2 cups)

Place all the ingredients in a one quart spray bottle or glass jar. Secure the lid and shake it to mix. The mixture will settle and need to be shaken before each use. Spray the stain, rub and launder as usual. For stubborn stains, leave the pre-treater on the stain overnight.