I like this little greasy spoon of a restaurant. Sadly, we’ve had to Sugarcreek it which is another way of saying we sort of avoid it for personal reasons. Boycott boogie? It’s not like a total boycott. But when we’re deciding where we want to eat, we refer to the incident and then try to come up with alternative options. Since it’s unfair to put it out there and share only part of the story, I’ll explain the rest.

Matthew had a little, um accident there. We didn’t notice until after we were already loaded up into the car. Clearly his shorts were wet and the sky didn’t look like rain. The chairs in the restaurant are vinyl, so it wasn’t a total disaster, but we did sort of bail like an alcoholic uncle once the keg goes dry. You know because the potty (said in my NY accent) was over. Get it? Potty. Party. Uncle drinking. Son peeing (no one can prove anything). LOL

The funny part is that we have no problem ordering ice cream from their outdoor window. I just found out that you can order food from their regular menu at the outdoor window (attached patio area and located immediately off the bike trail), too. So really it’s only half Sugarcreeked. Sugared? Creeked? For future reference, I’ll call it half creeked. Yeah, we have other places that are half creeked, too.

Obviously, I wanted to go back in and Do something. But instead we pulled out of the parking lot and started coming up with ways/reasons/excuses that it might not be that he had an accident. We ruled out torrential rain already. Maybe he spilled his drink!