for the woman who thinks and feels


Resolved That


will carry me more successfully through the coming year than a frown. Besides, it’s more becoming.


to have tried and failed than never to have scaled a wall. In other words, an obstacle, even insurmountable, has its advantages.


is responsible for more dents in the other woman’s feelings than is supposed. Reserve the brutal truth for Number one.


the fact that love makes the world go round, he cannot pay the gas bill or the rent. Look out for the bread and cheese and love will provide the kisses.


husband is not a hero to the other woman. She thinks her partner is just as good. Give her a chance to sound his praises.


is just as important as memory. Try it.


is not a pretty word. It’s worse in the disposition than in print.


is the woman who can build a fire, read Browning, rear children, play golf and keep young. (A prize is yours for the selection of the three most important.)


a short life at its longest. Therefore do all good you can. You will not pass this way again.


is the way of the cocktail. Candidly, isn’t it a shame to spend the money?


are very unhygienic. There is no kissing in Japan. I’m glad I live in America.


in his vows to give up his life for you must not forget to pass the salt.


is not such a bad sort after all. The joke books are really responsible. She very rarely condemns your judgment of men, and that’s something!


mind about shaking the other girl’s false hair in the man’s face. If it is a good match, he will not believe you;and it it is an obvious substitution, he will think that you are catty. In either case, you lose.


turns up the corners of your mouth, and incidentally the other fellow’s. But don’t carry it to a Nirvana state of inactivity. The world must move, you know.


if you be not entertaining to your husband, some other woman will have pity on him. Never let boredom descent on your home.


a few at Pierian spring. Let not a day pass without learning something worth while.


must be taken as they come, but be discreet in the selection of friends.


may be going out of fashion in this country. Very well;don’t decry the foreigner for to his children we shall leave the affairs of the nation.


is a moon reflected in many waters, says an eastern proverb. Remember that when questioning your erring child.

UNION and liberty,

one and inseparable, now and forever, is a pretty good motto for married ones. The trouble is that liberty drifts into insignificance, and union ends at the end divorce courts. Be wise.


are men who are paid salaries by other men who are too lazy to dress themselves. Don’t be a valet to your husband. He needs the exercise.


in doubt, believe the best of the other person. This is more easily corrected than the irreparable injury of misapplied censure and suspicion.


probably wasn’t such a fiend at first. SHe let the habit grow into a fame-provoking characteristic. It requires a philosopher of the first class to put up with a scold. And there are so few philosophers these days!


is always yours. The enthusiastic, open-minded attitude is just as good as the much-sought fountain. Massage, exercise and temperance will do the rest.


guard over the ideals of life strengthens the place of women in the great economic scheme of the world. You cannot advance woman’s cause and woman’s work without this. What a wonderful field for us, my sisters.

Barbara Lee.

For the woman who thinks and feels. Resolved That