This was my first time on the bike trail bridge. I’ve driven past it before, but never took the time to check it out. It has a wood floor and I could feel it give a little with each step I took. The view from it is nice, but the water is murky brown and unattractive considering it’s a river and not a small creek. The kids loved being on it, so who am I to judge the murky waters? It was shallow and clear enough to see some fish and underneath it and the surrounding area are popular little fishing spots.

I like that there’s a little playground across the street. I don’t like that it’s a sand playground versus a mulched one. Sigh. My kids were determined to wear every grain of sand on them for the drive home. The highlight of the playground is the port-a-potty. It’s clean as far as port-a-pottys go (or so I’ve been told). The kids love to joke and laugh about it. Their favorite game is guessing what each person that goes into it is thinking about. They make up entire conversations based on just that. There’s usually a baseball game going on in the field, so there’s plenty of opportunities or should I say victims for them to joke about.

A couple of years ago, Ally lost her headband in a port-a-potty (not this same one). This is forever etched in her mind. She mentions it whenever she sees one (a port-a-potty, not a headband). I can see her carrying this story into adulthood. Zachary claims there was an upscale port-a-potty that was fancy and had marble inside. He laughs as he’s telling this, but he’s serious. He can’t verify this with any type of substance. I mean I would have been at the same location. I think I’d remember the Trump Toilet.