We wanted to take the kids somewhere fun this summer. The problem is that they have their activities and Gabe doesn’t have any vacation time left because he used it all when I had shoulder surgery. If we wanted to go anywhere, we had 4 days and three nights. The fourth day Gabe would have to be back to work. We were going to go one week and then changed our minds and decided to go the following week. Then after we set our plans, we found out Zachary had his two cello recitals on two of the 4 days we planned to be away. That pretty much was the deciding factor in going to Splash Village which is only 45 minutes away. It’s very tourist-y, but it really is a lot of fun.

We had a lovely loft suite. It had three queen sized beds and a pull out sofa, mini fridge, microwave, balcony and fireplace. Gabe bought a package, so our reservation included two dinners (one dinner alone would have cost well over $100 excluding tip) and two buffet breakfasts (in the hotel cafe) and full day passes to Splash Village each day we were there.

It was pretty crowded considering it wasn’t a weekend, but the kids had an absolute blast. I didn’t think they’d ever get out of the water to go and do anything else. Seriously. I wanted to do a few things and the kids were having too much fun, so we didn’t. There’s a separate pool in the hotel, too. That was a nice getaway from the loudness of the splash park. The pool was always pretty quiet. There was even a time when we were the only people in there.

The hotel lobby plays movies that are projected onto the wall each night. We watched Willy Wonka one night. The courtyards are lovely which is nice for photos.

I took hundreds of photos, so will be dividing them into sections. I didn’t include them all. You can thank me later. LOL

Bronner’s, the largest Christmas shop is immediately next door, so I have photos of that, too. I can’t believe we’ve lived in Michigan for 10 years and have been to Frankenmuth so often but never to Bronner’s or Splash Village.

We all had a great time. It was a trial to see how 4 kids would do on a mini vacation and they did just fine. I think we’re ready to go a little further. Maybe Great Wolf Lodge, Mackinac Island or Crystal Mountain next time. 😀