Okay so the featured photo is a very tiny sign. It’s still a sign. Give me a free pass this time.

We took a ride on the Bavarian Belle which is a stern driven paddlewheel riverboat. It has a dual deck, snacks, drinks and restrooms. The two older kids, Gabe and I have been on this boat ride before. But the younger two kids have not. It was a super hot day, but there was a nice breeze on the boat and there’s a canopy on the upper deck, so we were shaded during the ride. It goes down the Cass River and there’s not a ton to really see (compared to other other river and canal cruises I’ve been on), but it was still very nice because it’s a narrated historical tour and the captain does a wonderful job of making up for the lack of scenery. Plus, he’s a Nikon camera guy, so he’s A-OK with me. I had major lens envy when he showed me his camera. He also showed me a travel mug that looked just like a Nikon lens and told me where to get one. Right here: http://www.nikon-mugs.com/ Hint-hint, Gabe.

We got popcorn and drinks on board. The kids fed the ducks popcorn. Ducks would swim from across the river to get to the popcorn.

It was a relaxing hour tour and we all really enjoyed it. I didn’t even mind when we got hijacked by a pirate.