Before school started, the kids had a sleepover at karate. Master Angel and his family have a tremendous amount of patience to undertake something like this. They had a good turnout and Zachary and Ally had so much fun. They brought their sleeping bags and played games (Sock war) and watched movies (Ip Man) and some kids stayed up all night! This was Zachary’s first party at karate and Ally’s second party. It was a wonderful end of summer celebration.

One thing that I absolutely loved is that Master Angel had live video feed of the party, so parents could watch what was going on any time. That was such a considerate thing to do and was so appreciated. I watched them during the sock war and it was hilarious.

I know that I’ve said this before, but I am so very thankful that our kids are in karate. I find that many times I am able to give concrete examples when trying to teach my children an important life lesson.

So can you tell Gabe took the pics this time? HAH! Probably so since there aren’t 500, right?