Miranda was asking for her ears to be pierced for months. Ally had her ears done a few months ago, so Miranda wanted earrings, too. Ally told her it hurt and then Miranda wouldn’t mention it again for a while. But the other day, we pulled into the mall parking lot and she just yelled out that she wanted to go to Claire’s. And please, please, please could she get her ears pierced.

And so like the horrid parent that I am, I signed the consent form for her to get mutilated. After all, I already mutilated one daughter, might as well slash them both. Any other takers? Zachary? Want your tongue pierced? Gabe? Nipple piercing for you? Matthew, Do you want a nose ring? Bueller? Bueller? Alright-y then.

The piercing tech (err, or whatever they’re called) gave her a big plush bear to hug. That was Miranda’s red flag that this was probably going to hurt. The tech did one ear and Miranda said that it didn’t hurt at all. Then as she was about to do her other ear, Miranda felt the sting and said it was burning a little and to hang on a minute. Then she said she was ready and the tech did the other side. Afterward, the tech gave her a large hand mirror to check herself out. She was so excited that she was smiling and dancing around. Ally and Miranda were holding hands, hugging and chattering away. And shopping! It was like this sister club for a few minutes. And of course, I felt very old. It’s a bit far fetched for me to be enthusiastic over lip gloss flavors, tween purses, smiley face earrings and neon green nail polish.

Anyway…Miranda chose little pink flower earrings. As you can see, they’re very cute.

She’s already excited about buying new earrings once she can remove her starter earrings.

I’m adding a couple pics of when Ally got her ears pierced. I don’t want her to read this some time and think I never took photos of her. It’s just that I started this blog months after she had her ears pierced.

I’ll share the main reason that we were at the mall soon. 😀

Sorry about the blurry pics. Most were taken with my iPhone.