Five things Friday will be 5 random things I remember from childhood.


1. My Mom’s Jergens lotion. Do not touch her lotion.



2. Mall Pay Phones and making sure I had quarters or I wouldn’t have a ride home. The pay phones were directly outside of the arcade which made it impossible to hear what my mom was saying and she would get annoyed trying to understand me and would tell me to stop yelling.




3. Babysitting from the age of 10. I made a ton of cash because my parents had a bunch of friends that liked to go out on Friday and Saturday nights.  Drunk dads overpay bigtime.




4. Goody combs in a rainbow of colors. One in my back pocket always! I remember some people would put the small Goody brushes in their back pockets. That was too bulky for me.



5. Buying an obscene amount of teen magazines like Tiger Beat, 16, Teen Beat. Hanging up all of the Ricky Schroder posters.