No trip to Frankenmuth is complete without a visit to Bronner’s. The largest Christmas shop. It’s unbelievable to me that we’ve been to Frankenmuth a few times and never went to Bronner’s before. It’s so huge that we didn’t even see it all. It’s a bit much bringing 4 young kids into a place like that. It’s like wall to wall breakables. They have ornaments of everything you can imagine and about every single decorative thing you could ever want for Christmas.

We bought 8 ornaments (dance, music and karate related) and I could have bought more easily. Thankfully, I came to my senses and got out of there. I took a walk there at night to see the outdoor light display while Gabe and the kids watched the rest of Willy Wonka in the hotel lobby. I would have loved it if all of us could have walked together, but it doesn’t get dark until late and the kids were way too tired from swimming to look at lights. A movie was the perfect night cap for them. And alone time was a wonderful luxury for me.

If you love Christmas decorations, visit the links above to see their gallery of photos. It’s absolutely amazing.

I loved taking Christmas photos of the kids in July.