A Bouquet of Omelets- 7 Old fashioned omelet recipes

This bouquet of omelets is made of seven omelets, each omelet requiring three eggs. For each omelet, a special cup must be provided. In each one break three fresh eggs. The seasoning for each omelet is as follows:

No. 1 (With Cheese)

Half a saltspoon of salt, half the same quantity of pepper. Beat all together one minute (seasoning and eggs). Add two level tablespoons of grated cheese and mix.


No. 2 (Tomato and Green Peppers)

Put in a saucepan a tablespoon butter. When melted add three tablespoons of thick part of canned tomatoes, with a teaspoon of green peppers chopped fine; cook three minutes; season with salt and pepper; pour with the eggs and beat for one minute.

No. 3 (With Mushrooms)

Peel, wash and dry one-eighth of a pound of mushrooms; slice them, put in small saucepan with teaspoon of butter and cook three minutes; add to the eggs, season with suit and pepper and beat one minute.


No. 4 (With Oysters)

Cook six oysters in their own liquor for three minutes; drain and cut in small pieces; add to the eggs; season with pepper and salt; beat one minute.

No. 5 (With Fine Herbs)

Put in small saucepan one teaspoon butter, half teaspoon chopped green onions; cook two minutes; add one teaspoon chopped parsley in season. Other herbs, such as chives and tarragon, may be used. Add to the eggs, season with salt and pepper and beat one minute. When cooked put green parsley around.

No. 6 (With Bacon)

One tablespoon of bacon, cut in small squares; place in a frying pan one teaspoon butter; put in bacon and cook two minutes; add bread and cook two minutes more; add to the eggs a few grains of salt and pepper; beat one minute. Serve with sliced bacon, broiled, around edge.



No. 7 (Sweet Omelets with Jams)

Heat six tablespoons of apricot jam, or any preferred kind: add to the eggs one tablespoon powdered sugar; beat one minute. To make the omelets: Put in small frying pan one heaping teaspoon butter; when hot pour in eggs and cook half a minute; with a fork bring toward you the first fold; let second one form and do the same; after third fold it is ready to receive whatever is to be put into the middle of it. Each of the seven is treated in the same manner. For the sweet omelet put half of the hot jam in the center and spread other half around, with small cakes on top; serve on a round platter, putting the most attractive one in the center