Before school started, we took Zachary to an ophthalmologist. Yes, I had to use spell check on that one. I quit coffee and now I can’t write for sh*t. Anyway, I had gone to this doctor before when I was having severe migraines behind one eye. I thought we should start out there with Zachary and rule out any potential eye issues. Then if we knew all was OK and had a prescription, we could go to an optometrist for future visits and most anywhere else that sells frames to get his glasses.

So the results came back that Zachary did indeed need glasses.

Gabe took him to Lenscrafters and let Zachary pick his own frames. I wish that I had gone, so I could have perhaps persuaded him to try on more than 3 frames. Sigh.

But I wasn’t there and Gabe sent me the above photo via cell phone and I sincerely thought he was joking around. He wasn’t.

I wasn’t sure whether I should laugh or cry, but decided that what was most important was that Zachary liked them because he’s the one that has to wear them. And he does like them and it is what it is and that is that. 🙂 Much like Gabe’s new glasses, Zachary’s glasses are growing on me.

The funny thing is that the girls want glasses now. OY. I guess they’ll be happy when it’s their turn.

I can’t really pinpoint the feeling I had when I found out that Zachary needed glasses. I felt sad, I suppose. This child has ended up with all the things I remember disliking about myself at his age. I hated my hair. He hates his hair. I hated my freckles. He hates his freckles, etc. etc.

All I know is that glasses or not, he’s one terrific kid.

It’s really hard not to look at him and see him as he looks now at age 11, then remember how he looked at age 3, when he was born, and then imagine what he’ll look like as an adult. This happens to me with all of my kids, but happens the most when I look at Zachary.

I don’t know where the time has gone.