I have had a lot of guilt for years because we waited so long to teach the kids how to ride bikes. It wasn’t like we never tried. It’s just that we tried in ways that were too hard and frustrating. This year, I was inspired by this youtube video:

Who knew it was really This easy to teach a kid to ride a bike? I still start to cry when I see Ally and Zachary riding their bikes. It came so easy to Ally and Zachary didn’t give up even after multiple bruises and scrapes.

It’s truly one of the most beautiful rites of passage. But much like the first day of kindergarten, it reminds me that they won’t always be with me.

Side note: On this day, Matthew wasn’t riding his bike. He pedals for a few feet and then wants to walk, so he’s with Gabe driving the car to the next stop on the bike trail while I take photos and walk behind the older kids as they ride.