This letter comes from Devi C. in Willits, California. Can you believe this letter was still sealed from 2011? I never had the chance to read it.

Dear Sara Noel,

For years I’ve had trouble with hot water bottles leaking around the stopper. Here is a solution. Don’t buy them. What works much better and never leaks is a large plastic pop bottle. We use 3 or 4 filled with hot water for all night warmth and relief from sore muscles. When I refill them the next evening, they are still a little warm as is the bed. Even though they have on occasion, rolled out of our tall bed and hit the floor, they don’t break or leak because they are designed to hold liquid which is under pressure, ie. soda.

We don’t drink soda pop, we use the bottles from sugarless club soda which we mix with fruit juice like grape to make our own healthy soda. A good way to wean kids from soda! Half club soda and half grape juice makes a wonderful drink.

Sincerely, Devi C., Willits, California

P.S. You provide a great service. Thanks




1950s 7-Up ad

1950s 7-Up ads


How have you re-used pop bottles?

I bet not this way: