We go to the nature center a lot with the kids. We try to change it up a bit, so they don’t get too bored doing the same thing when we go. Biking never gets old, but we didn’t have time to pack up the bikes again. That isn’t an accurate way to describe the situation. Gabe unloaded the bikes before we went to see the hot air balloons. Then he loaded up the instruments. He would have had to unload those and reload the bikes again. We haven’t been to the wetlands for a while, so headed there after we watched the hot air balloons. We went to a park nearby, too.

We didn’t have a lot of time to do much before the older two kids had to go to music lessons. After music lessons, we still needed to do food shopping and then Gabe had to get to work, too.

At the park, I played water bottle cap hockey or football (if you prefer to call it that) with the kids. It’s the same as paper football, but with a plastic water bottle cap and played on picnic tables. The competition gets a little too fierce. LOL

I’m looking forward to the leaves changing colors. I love taking pictures at the nature center during fall.

As for the acrobatic photo of Gabe. He’s lucky he didn’t break his neck. He goofs around so often that I don’t know when he’s serious. He could have fallen and I would think he was still playing around. He torments me with the garbage disposal in our sink ALL the time. He pretends his hand is being chopped up. It is NEVER funny to me and it’s a sure-fire way to get me worked up, but he continues to joke around. Ask him sometime about the monkey bars at Auburn Park. If that didn’t teach him, nothing will.

Dear Gabe, Everyone but Zachary fell asleep by 8pm.
Signed, She who plans to catch up on Breaking Bad.